More smiles per splash

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Awesome features of All-water Bike

Light-weight & Portable

With our All-Aluminum body frame, All-Water Bike is lightweight, easy to carry and move around. Assembles in minutes! Take it to your favorite lake and enjoy the cruise!

Patented Technology

All-Water Bike features a unique, buoy-free design. The wheels provide flotation and propulsion, without the need for an independent floating device. (Patent No. 9,908,602)


All-Water Bike's innovative quad steering technology allows for easy maneuvers and a tight turning radius to make those sharp corners you want around docks and other obstacles.


All-Water Bike is designed to work on any water level, no matter how deep or shallow. It can cruise on any water body: Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Ponds, Swamps, Marshes, etc.

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